Calcium helps in proper bone development and is one of the main building blocks of bone.


Chloride is a salt and an essential electrolyte and it helps control the flow of body fluids in the veins as well as throughout the body. It also helps reduce excess acid levels and aids in the digestive process. It helps break foods down so they can be properly absorbed by the small intestines.


Chromium is stored in the blood and is responsible for stimulating the activity of insulin inside the body. Chromium also helps control cholesterol and fat levels.


Copper helps with several key body functions:


Fluoride is not an essential mineral, but it helps protect teeth and bones.


Iodine was deemed to be so important that the US government passed legislation recommending that Iodine be added to table salt. Iodine works with two hormones triiodothyronine and thyroxine which are required by every part of the body and play a role in the body's ability to produce energy. These hormones control and regulate basal metabolic rates, determining how fast and how efficiently the body is able to burn calories. Thyroid hormones are also what helps control a child's mental development and overall growth rate. Pregnant women who do not get enough iodine increase the risks that their newborn babies will develop some degree of mental retardation.




The Magnesium Mineral is one of the family of major minerals although it is not as well known as some of the other minerals


The Molybdenum mineral is one of the family of trace minerals and although the body stores this mineral in most body


Within the body, up to 80% of the Phosphorus mineral can be found in the teeth and the bones. Working together, both


As well as being another of the major mineral family, the Potassium mineral is also a member of the electrolyte family


The Selenium mineral is one of the family of trace minerals and as such, the body only needs a small amount. Nevertheless, the Selenium


The Sodium mineral, otherwise known as salt, has been getting a lot of attention over recent years, attention which has been mainly


The Sulphur mineral is an amazing mineral that has a historical reputation for curing many ailments and alleviating the symtoms


The Zinc mineral is one of the family of trace minerals and is vital to all stages of growth. The Zinc mineral is an essential must have mineral

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