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Explosive Diarrhea

Explosive Diarrhea Definition

Diarrhea that can last for a number of days or become chronic. Explosive diarrhea usually comes about from a bad bacterial stomach/intestinal virus. The reason it is called explosive is that the stool comes out of the body much faster and with more force that typical liquid stools. In addition, accompanying symptoms like bloating and pain tend to be more severe than usual occurrences of loose stool.

Explosive Diarrhea Symptoms

You may feel a violent exploding stream of lot lava-like liquid shooting out of you. Accompanying symptoms are

Explosive diarrhea stream is so forceful that the toilet water may splash to the areas around the toilet and all over you.

Explosive Diarrhea Danger

The danger of this explosive diarrhea (or any diarrhea) is dehydration. If you are experiencing explosive diarrhea, make sure to replenish your body's fluid supply by drinking water and other liquids.

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