Giardia Lamblia Parasite

Giardia Definition

Giardia Infection - an intestinal infection caused by the gangria lamblia parasites, mainly occuring in countries with poor sanitation, and less frequent in developed countries. The problem is not life-threatening, but causes digestion, stomach problems, and diarrhea.

Giardia Causes

Giardia infection is caused by a microscopic parasite infect the intestines. These parasites are called Lamblia. Lamblia are found in areas with poor sanitation or unclean water. Once the lamblia parasite finds a host, the parasites spread and multiply, causing infection. Common contaminans are;

Giardia Symptoms

Symptoms of the giardia lamblia infection are often

Some people carrying giardia lamblia infection never develop symptoms but can spread it to others through feces contact. Peple who experience giardia lambli parasite symptoms usually feel relief within six weeks with the possibility of some lingering intestinal problems from long-term damage.

Giardia Tests and Treatment

Stool samples are examined in a laboratory for the presence of the lambia giardia parasite to diagnose this digestive problem. If giardia is diagnosed, common tratments and medications are:

Giardia Prevention

Prevention for giardia lamblia parasite infection are common-sense precautions like

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