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Malabsorbtion Syndrome

Malabsorbtion Syndrome - a change in the ability of the intestines to adequately absorb carbohydrates, proteins or fats into the bloodstream.

Malabsorbtion Syndrome Causes

Malabsorption syndrome can cause a number of problems in the body over time:

Malabsorbtion Syndrome Symptoms

Problems that arise from malabsorption syndrome are

Malabsorption Syndrome Treatment

Dietitians can assist with nutritional support and meal planning to help counter the effects of the malabsorption syndrome. Some patients take supplements to provide carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins. Malabsorption Syndrome patients should also eat several small, frequent meals throughout the day, avoiding fluids and foods that promote diarrhea. Other helpful supplements may include probiotics and prebiotics.

Malabsorption Syndrome patients should monitor frequency, color, and consistency of stools. If malabsorbtion syndrome patients notice consistent diarrhea, constipation, or abnormally-colored stools, they should consult with their physician and dietician on proper treatment and adjustments in diet.

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