Norwalk Virus Symptoms

Norwalk Virus Definition

Norwalk Virus - an intestinal infection caused by fecal contamination, mainly occuring in countries with poor sanitation, and less frequent in developed countries. The problem is not life-threatening, but causes digestion, stomach problems, and diarrhea. The virus is named after the place it was first diagnosed in 1972: Norwalk, Ohio. The Norwalk virus is a member of the calicivirus family of viruses.

Norwalk Virus Causes

Norwalk virus symptoms and infections are often caused by contact with sewege, or fecal contact. It is contageous and contracted from other people. Pets and animals do not get the Norwalk Virus. Other causes of norwalk virus (norovirus) contraction are:

Norwalk Virus Symptoms

Norwalk Virus symptoms are often

Symptoms typically appear within 12-48 hours after contamination..

Norwalk Virus Tests and Treatment

Specialized laboratories can perform stool testing from an infected person and identify evidence of infection by testing blood for antibody. Laboratory stool test diagnosis is difficult. Diagnosis is often based on the combination of symptoms and the short time of illness. Infected people usually recover within a week without serious or long-term health effects. Treatment options are limited since norwalk virus symptoms go away on their own. In case of severe diarrhea, doctors suggest drinking more water and fluids to avoid dehydration.

Norwalk Virus Prevention

Prevention for Norwalk virus infection are common-sense precautions like

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